Plastic pallets are growing in global popularity as a smart use of recycled materials. Thanks to their cleanliness and unlimited design possibilities, plastic pallets can serve as a superior alternative to wooden pallets. Many companies want to make their own pallets and Wilmington Machinery has made it easy – think of us as your plastic pallet partner. Since 1975 Wilmington Machinery has been building and furnishing plastic pallet molding systems for customers across the globe. They come to us for fully integrated and automated machinery to product strong, lightweight and low cost pallets from virgin and 100% recycled plastic raw materials.

Make Plastic Pallets and Bins

Eco-Friendly and 100% Recycled

Contact us and we’ll help you get started. We will explain the manufacturing process in detail, providing information to determine the financial justification and exactly what next steps are required. We guide you through the entire process, from the selection of the correct pallet design and mold design to an efficient turn-key total production cell. This includes complete product validation, training and expert field service and support.

Learn more about Wilmington Machinery’s capabilities by downloading our exclusive whitepaper, Plastic Pallets Made Profitable. This concise informational document will help you understand and choose the correct plastic pallet design to suit your specific needs. You’ll find the Wilmington Machinery pallet making machine process explained in detail.

Plastic Pallets
Made Profitable

A concise overview of our pallet-making capabilities:

  • Why plastic pallets are better than wood
  • Your options in structural foam production
  • Essential questions for getting started
  • What it takes and what it costs

Plastic Pallets Brochure

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