Wilmington Machinery is a world leader in manufacturing high-speed rotary blow molding machinery for the production of small plastic bottles. Our all-electric* machines are breaking the world speed record in rotary extrusion blow molding bottle production. Innovative new dual parison technology is enabling remarkable production rates from 300 bottles per minute to 1200 bottles per minute – believed to be the fastest ever invented.

Our Small Bottle (SB) Rotary Extrusion Blow Molding Machine and Dual Parison SB Machine are ideal for the production of single-serve, small plastic bottles up to 1 litre for:

  • Liquid yogurt
  • Smoothies
  • Nutritional drinks
  • Juice drinks
  • Teas

Contact Wilmington Machinery and we’ll help you get started making your own plastic bottles or upgrade your existing machine to a faster, more energy efficient, cost-effective blow molding machine. We will explain the manufacturing process in detail, providing information to determine the financial justification and exactly what next steps are required to get started.

*With the exception of small profiling power unit.

Do You Know How to Estimate the Cost of Producing Bottles?

Estimator GraphicWilmington Machinery has created an easy-to-use Bottle Cost Estimator that allows you to determine the actual bottle cost. This simple Excel spreadsheet allows you to change manufacturing or material assumptions and instantly see the impact on cost – the ideal tool for anyone making or buying bottles. The estimator also works for multilayer barrier bottles.

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