For High-Speed, High-Consistency Container Molding

Wilmington’s Series III Blow Molding Systems are designed for producing large quantities of containers requiring special features such as IML, multilayer, view striping, etc. Highly repeatable functions, simple operation, and very high throughputs make this the machine of choice.


  • Clamp sizes / quantity to match all requirements
  • Easily configured for monolayer and multi-layer applications
  • Single or dual parison
  • Efficient electric drive(s) on extrusion system
  • Low profile for ease of operator access
  • Part removal and trimming matched to the application
  • In-mold labeling and view stripe capable
  • Lowest investment cost for high-speed applications
  • Extreme bottle quality consistency


  • Continuous rotary motion
  • Wilmington’s exclusive “Radial Mold Positioning”
  • Electro mechanical clamping system
  • Precise, repeatable camming functions
  • Extrusion rates up to 4000 kg/hr. of any layer configuration
  • Fast mold tonnage build-up for PP applications
  • Positive bottle removal from mold
  • Quick mold change
  • All-electric

History of Successes

  • 1979 – 6 Layer Coextrusion System
  • 1983 – Commercial 6 Layer Rotary Blow Molder
  • 1988 – Series III Introduced with Radial Mold Positioning
  • 1991 – 3 Layer Detergent with IML Inline to Filler
  • 1993 – Neck to neck, 30 cavities canister
  • 2002 – Folgers Coffee canisters, 18 and 24 station
  • 2004 – 6 Layer, 20 Station, 96 oz.
  • 2007 – 6 Layer, 32 station, 20 oz.

Focusing on the finished container and applying our extensive experience, Wilmington takes complete production line responsibility – everything from container design and molds to decorating and packing, as well as facility improvements and auxiliary machinery. Choose Wilmington Machinery to ensure quality blow molding processing and a fast, efficient start-up in your plant.

*With the exception of small profiling power unit.

Do You Know How to Estimate the Cost of Producing Bottles?

Estimator GraphicWilmington Machinery has created an easy-to-use Bottle Cost Estimator that allows you to determine the actual bottle cost. This simple Excel spreadsheet allows you to change manufacturing or material assumptions and instantly see the impact on cost – the ideal tool for anyone making or buying bottles. The estimator also works for multilayer barrier bottles.

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