Are you currently operating the same machinery platform as your competitor? Are you looking for ways to grow your business and differentiate your company? Do you have ideas for machinery or new process technology that could give you that competitive advantage, but need an experienced partner to turn it into reality?

To further our commitment to individualized service, Wilmington Machinery has established a unique 6-phase approach focused solely on executing customized machines. We team with companies of all sizes as well as entrepreneurs to realize bold, original processing ideas with superior customized plastic processing and hybrid machines.

Proprietary machinery allows you to own the technology and gives you the exclusive right to the new process. If you have a new idea for high-output processing machinery, contact Wilmington Machinery. Together we can develop your vision into solutions that are exclusively yours in the marketplace.

Wilmington Machinery is a highly successful OEM manufacturer of high-volume rotary blow molding machinery and large structural foam injection molding machinery. With over 40 years’ experience, we have developed a unique approach to producing proprietary machinery. We know how to define specifications, design, build, validate, train and document – and we understand the importance of every step.

Gain that distinct competitive advantage. Contact us to learn more about our proven approach to helping you build success.