Blow Molding Process Comparison: Injection Blow

Injection Blow Machinery

These machines inject mold a preform onto core rods and then index the core rods to a blow station to blow the container. Machines are typically 3-4 stations to allow for condition and part removal. They are utilized extensively for very small containers such as pharmaceutical and hotel shampoo type containers. Major manufacturers are Jomar, Procrea and Milacron.


  • Scrapless process meaning no flash to trim and no regrind
  • Typically suited for containers .5 litre and smaller
  • Capable of running a wide range of materials
  • High quality injection molded neck finish


  • Very high tooling cost per container typically cost 40-50% of the machine cost
  • Difficult to run coinjection or multilayer
  • Minimum cycle time typically 15 seconds
  • Can not do handleware

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