Custom Proprietary Systems – Building Capabilities Bring Unique Marketplace Applications To Life

NPE 2009 – Booth # S36054

Wilmington Machinery continues to develop unique proprietary machines for new applications. Can’t find the right machine to do your job? Wilmington Machinery experience might be just what you need to separate your company from the competition. Wilmington Machinery’s approach allows you to own your own unique technology and gives you all exclusive rights to the new process. That is a significant competitive advantage!

Wilmington Machinery understands your needs and how to define, create specifications, design, build, validate, train and document. This approach has proven highly successful in building, thermoforming, extrusion, injection, blow molding and hybrid type proprietary systems. Visit Booth S36054 to discover how Wilmington Machinery has, for more than forty years, helped diverse customers with proprietary machinery needs.

2009 NPE Wilmington Machinery Booth: #S36054

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Jeff Newman
Wilmington Machinery
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Wilmington, NC 28405
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