Wilmington Low Pressure Injection Molding Machines Boast New Capabilities and New Capacities

The Wilmington LUMINA Series of Low Pressure Injection Molding (LPIM) Machines now come standard capable of structural foam gas assist, gas counter pressure, stack molding for both classic external nozzle and hot runner processes.  The machines range in shot capacities from 25-300 pounds, clamping capacities from 350-2500 tons and are capable of mounting from one to six molds at a time.

New injection control options include the classic structural foam velocity control short shot methods, pressure control or velocity to pressure control.  The Wilmington Versafil sequenced injection for multiple molds or multiple nozzles is standard on all models.  Provisions for gas injection into the extruder barrel also remains standard on all models.

The new capabilities make the LUMINA Series of LPIM most versatile offering users the ability to mold classic utilitarian structural foam parts with all of their stiffness, stress free, low cost advantages.  The enhanced injection control features expand that capability to the thinner wall, superior surface quality molded components attained with the gas in the mold processes.

Wilmington Machinery has built low pressure injection molding machinery since 1972 in indexing rotary, dual clamp, horizontal and vertical configurations.  It is located in the Atlantic Port City of Wilmington, North Carolina in a modern 65,000 SF manufacturing facility fronting I-40.