Multi Cavity Industrial Blow Molder

New Multi-Cavity Industrial Blow Molder

Does your company manufacture or purchase heavy wall blow molded parts for these markets? If so, you should read the information below and the view the video clip. It could radically reduce your cost and change the way you think about blow molding.

• Industrial containers in the 1 to 5 gallon range
• Containers for agricultural chemicals
• Automotive parts for under the hood
• Gas tanks for lawn equipment
• Toys
• Jerry cans
• 20 litre tight heads
• Hand pump garden sprayers
• Pump pesticides and pump lawn treatment containers for home use

Wilmington Machinery, a well-known manufacturer of high speed rotary extrusion blow molding systems for plastic bottles, recently introduced a new indexing industrial blow molder for medium to high volumes production of heavy wall containers and industrial parts. The systems are competitively price and ideally suited for products that are presently produced on accumulator type blow molders with production outputs ranging from 150 to 800 pieces per hour.

In-Line Molder Video

Models are available for monolayer and multilayer products with 3 to 7 individual clamps capable of handling a wide variety of mold sizes. In addition, the system offers a high degree of flexibility including the capability to be run using all or only a few of the clamps for short run applications. Systems can be provided with part takeout and finishing, in mold labeling and view stripe. Another key benefit is the ability to make mold changes fast and easy.

Call or email me to discuss your application and to learn more about the advantages of the new In-Line system including specifications and budget pricing.

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