Wilmington Improves Rotary Small Bottle Wheel Blow Molding Systems




The question I most often receive is why I should be using Wilmington’s rotary blow molding systems instead of shuttles or reciprocating screw molding machines. Well the answer is straight forward. Our rotary systems are the simplest technologies to use to provide the means to produce the absolute lowest cost bottle at the highest quality level. Let me explain.

The simplicity comes from the fact that the wheel molder is all mechanical and uses no complex expensive hydraulics. Not only is the molder simple, it extremely energy efficient and can save you as much as $100,000 per year in electric. The other factor adding to the simplicity is our single parison technology. To visualize this, if you had to mold the same number of bottles on shuttle or reciprocating machine, you would have as many as 20 parisons that you have to perfectly balance to assure all of the bottles are identical. Frankly this is impossible and the bottle weight and material distribution vary widely whereas this problem is totally eliminated with Wilmington’s single parison technology.

The single parison Rotary technology saves you money by giving you the lowest cost per bottle and here is why.

  • The largest savings is in reduced material cost. With the single parison technology, the material distribution and weight variation is superior to other alternative methods to produce the 400 BPM required. Some customers have been able to reduce the target weight by as much as 10-15%.
  • The second largest factor is the energy savings which could be as much as $100,000 per year
  • You also save in floor space. A single rotary system can replace 3-4 older molders and requires less floor space.
  • Another significant fact is in labor savings. Our system requires a single operator often resulting in a labor saving of 60-70%.
  • And the final factors are savings in overall plant operating efficiency and in preventive maintenance. With our single high speed system, plant operating efficiency can improve 3-5% and you will save hundreds of hours per year in downtime from preventive maintenance.

We make the total experience easy by handling all the turnkey decisions. When you arrive at our plant for the acceptance trial, you will see the finished production line producing your bottles to specification and at full production speed.

I have listed a link below to download our Bottle Cost Estimator. This is a very comprehensive worksheet that takes into account the various cost associate in estimating bottle cost including utilities, material, labor, depreciation and overhead to name only a few.  It has custom fields that allow you to customize for your specific application.




I have also included several hyperlinks to see several of our systems in operation. The first is a 50 station 6 layer HDPE system producing an 11 oz (330 ml) bottles at 16,500 bottles per hour. The second is a dual parison 40 station (80 cavities) producing an 80 ml bottle for drinkable yogurt at 48,000 bottles per hour.




Wilmington Machinery is a leading manufacturer of high speed rotary extrusion blow molding systems in the world for small single serve bottles. The systems are idea for mono or multi-layer HDPE or PP applications in the dairy, juice, foods, supplements, drinkable yogurt and other single serve type markets with systems sized for 60-1000 ml with production rates from 50 to 400 million per year.  If you a have an application that you think could fit well with this rotary blow molding process, I would be happy to assist you with questions, budget pricing and projected bottle cost information.

For more information email me at   [email protected] or call me at +1 910.431.1003 (m)

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Jeff Newman