Wilmington Blow Molding News 2021

Wilmington Machinery continues development of Long Stroke Shuttle Blow Molding Machines to compliment its current offering of high volume production Continuous Rotary Extrusion Blow Molding Machines.  The new machines will also be sized for high volume applications of monolayer, 3-layer, and barrier type handleware, single serve drink and chemical packaging.  They will be capable of calibrated neck finishes, integrated deflash/trim and in-mold labelling of containers ranging in capacity from 6 oz to 1.5 gallons.

Wilmington has also upgraded its’ coextrusion systems for rotary blow molding and other continuous extrusion blowing molding processes (see illustration).  The new systems are available for single or dual parisions for all container sizes with 1, 3 or 6-layer construction.  The company first introduced such systems in 1979 at the advent of barrier bottle production and sells them to companies that have proprietary wheel or other types of blow molding machinery platforms.

New to all Wilmington blow molding machinery products are the advanced control features.  The new controls in addition to controlling the basic temperature, pressure, and parison profiling (programming) functions are significantly advanced in capability.  Features include remote troubleshooting, SPC charting, trend analysis, graphing, and integrated auxiliary control all on a large “smart” flat colored panel display.

Since 1979 Wilmington has built coextrusion systems and rotary blow molding primary machinery for the largest bottle makers worldwide and integrated turnkey systems for turnkey installations.  It is headquartered in a modern 65,000 SF manufacturing facility fronting I-40 in the Atlantic Port City of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.