NEW Dual Injection LUMINA MP1200 Medium Pressure Injection Molding Machine

The MP1200 is Wilmington Machinery’s latest addition to its medium pressure large part injection molding machines first introduced at NPE 2018. It boasts dual 130mm reciprocating/compounding injection units with Wilmington’s unique in-line first-in, first-out 50lb accumulators. The new machine accepts both hot runner and cold runner molds including stack molds.

The machine is ideal for molding large gas assist or foam products requiring superior cosmetics and high-capacity production. For foamed products the machine boasts direct gas injection into the extruder barrel using Nitrogen or CO2 gases.

Like Wilmington’s other medium and low-pressure machine models the new machine is available with integrated robotics, gas assist control, resin blending, gas generation, hot runner control and other accessories. There are no licenses or fees required.

Wilmington believe that this new dual injection machine is like no other made today. Wilmington began production of classic low-pressure structural foam machinery in 1972. It continues its tradition of pioneering innovative and cost-effective injection molding machinery capable of processing 100% recycled materials.

Visit us at Booth #13A89-18 at K’22 to learn more about the MP1200 Machines and Wilmington’s many other Injection Molding models.