Innovative, proprietary plastics processing systems from Wilmington Machinery enable molders to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Many plastics processors have ideas for improving primary processing machinery and systems.

Some of those ideas are “non-traditional” and outside the mainstream. In most instances, however, the processor does not have the direct ability to develop innovative concepts into well-designed, fully functional processing equipment. Wilmington Machinery, however, specializes in developing unique, customized, proprietary machinery and systems for new applications and enhanced plastics processing. Moreover, Wilmington Machinery understands that processors depend on protecting their ideas with the end-result of differentiating themselves from competition.

For more than four decades, Wilmington Machinery has consistently proven itself as a premiere builder of high-capacity extrusion blow molding and structural foam injection machinery – and has specialized in building custom machinery under proprietary arrangements since 1975.

Machine development successes include foam sheet extrusion, co-extrusion, industrial blow molding, thermoforming, injection molding and hybrid processes.  Wilmington Machinery’s customer base is comprised of large and small processors seeking expertise in plastics machinery design and build.

Wilmington Machinery operates a modern 65,000 square foot plant equipped with lifting capacity up to 40 tons and direct interstate and port access.  Wilmington Machinery offers services including 3-D modeling and animation, along with expert mechanical, electrical and electronic design of controls and hydraulics.