Wilmington Machinery ensures consistently precise injection molding of large parts — up to 15 feet in length and 300 lbs — made possible with their Versafil sequential nozzle control system.

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Wilmington Machinery, in business for more than four decades, is a North Carolina builder of low-pressure structural foam molding machinery widely applied in material handling and infrastructure products.  General purpose injection molding and dedicated pallet making machines and/or turnkey fully integrated systems produce parts up to 15 feet in length or multiples of parts weighing up to 300 pounds. The machines have melting capacities up to 5000 pounds per hour.

Wilmington’s machines produce parts by utilizing simple, long-lasting molds without expensive high maintenance hot runner systems. Their machine/molds process 100% recycled raw material— even in flake form.

The combination of two-stage extruder/accumulator injection and a configurable multi-nozzle manifold makes it possible to run one to six molds with precise filling control. Wilmington’s unique Versafil

sequential nozzle control system makes it all possible.

Important product line attributes for the Wilmington injection molding line includes:

  • Two-stage extrusion/injection
  • Sequential injection
  • Multi-nozzle injection with modular manifolds
  • Independent nozzle control

The Wilmington injection molding LUMINA Series includes two NEW 500 and 750-ton general-purpose models and one NEW dedicated pallet model capable of either two single decks or one double deck pallet on the same machine.

The team at Wilmington Machinery evaluates a processor’s needs and recommends an appropriate injection molding system. When application needs fall outside standard product offerings,

Wilmington’s team provides expertise in customizing processing equipment and systems to meet all technical requirements for optimum economic results.


Wilmington Machinery operates a modern 65,000 square foot plant with direct interstate and port access. The facility is equipped with lifting capacity of up to 40 tons. Services include 3-D modeling and animation, along with expert mechanical, electrical, and electronic design of controls and hydraulics.

To learn more, visit Wilmington Machinery’s website at www.wilmingtonmachinery.com and visit them at NPE Booth #2215.