Russ La Belle Profiled in Plastics Machinery Magazine

The March 2019 edition of Plastics Machinery Magazine features an interview with Russ La Belle, President and Owner of Wilmington Machinery. Plastics Machinery Magazine serves members of the Plastics Industry Association and other readers with the latest industry news and developments.

In the magazine’s profile of his distinguished career that spans more than 50 years, Russ relates how a college job at a thermoformer company launched him into a role with one of the world’s largest makers of extruders. He goes on to discuss his personal innovations, the challenges he faced, and where he expects the industry to be headed over the next 20 years. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

You are a below-the-radar guy, but your innovations are well-known. How would you describe yourself and what you want to accomplish?

La Belle: My passion is to conceive, design and build machines that perform well. I’m a good listener and I have a can-do attitude, but I’m also flexible and willing to explore options and other possibilities. My career followed a series of lucky steps along the way. Experience helps a lot.

Read the full interview in the Plastics Machinery Magazine digital edition.