Home of Foam – The Foam Blow Molding and Structural Foam Injection Molding Experts

Wilmington Machinery proudly proclaims itself as the HOME OF FOAM. Founded in 1972 to build structural foam injection molding machines for North Carolina’s furniture industry, the company quickly found success in the brush and material handling (pallets) industries. Our foam molding success continues to this day in these and many other industries, including automotive, infrastructure, electronics, recreational, and many more.

Wilmington Machinery also produces foam extrusion machinery for packaging and other applications. We have developed very low density foam accumulators for producing recreational and other products from polyolefin foam slabs at densities as low as 2 lb/ft³.

The company has also built blow molding machinery since 1979 and undertaken considerable development of both packaging and industrial products.

Wilmington’s technology typically utilizes direct injection of inert and soluble gases into our own design/manufacture extruder barrels ranging from 30:1 to 48:1 L/D. We maintain a lab capable of both foam injection and blow molding development.