Small Bottle System Now With Dual Parisons

The proven performance of Wilmington Machinery’s SB (Small Bottle) system now features dual parisons, making the system 30-40% more cost effective! Visit Booth S36054 and watch a video of this impressive system producing bottles at Wilmington’s plant in North Carolina. Plus, ask about Wilmington Machinery’s new Series V (Large Bottle) machines with recently updated features designed to help blow molders reduce cost even further. Learn details of some of the successful multi-layer applications for the Series V machine from the Wilmington machinery staff at NPE 2009.

Wilmington Machinery’s latest SB system features a 50 cavity, 6 layer HDPE coextrusion system capable of more than 2000 lbs. per hour and 18,000 bottles per hour depending upon the size. It is supplied with multiple sets of molds, bottle conveying and trimming. This breakthrough in technology for small bottle blow molders is achieved by a combination of proprietary developments in mold design, bottle handling, high speed parison extrusion methods and processing.

Wilmington Machinery, a manufacturer of high speed rotary coextrusion blow molding systems and structural foam injection molding machinery, introduced the SB product line 2 years ago at NPE in Chicago and became an instant success due to the machine’s simple operation, the high quality bottles produced, and overall value to the customer. The SB addresses many processing issues associated with blow container neck to neck or neck to tail on other wheel, shuttle and reciprocating blow equipment. For ultra-light weight or high performance containers, the difference in the tandem bottles from top to bottom cannot be tolerated. Wilmington’s SB single cavity system guarantees every bottle is identical. That means better material distribution, much smaller gram weight variation, better performance in the filling operation and lower cost.

The SB system utilizes Wilmington’s mechanical cam actuated modular clamp design and is sized to match the container size with either a 1 or 1.5 ton model with various mold sizes for different bottles. As with all of Wilmington Machinery wheel systems, SB machines are sized to match production demand with 18 to 60 cavities or more. The wheel speeds are designed to accommodate the estimated cycle time which can be a little as 6 seconds for lightweight dairy / juice / yogurt containers.