Innovative Machinery Helps Processors Remain Competitive During Challenging Economic Times

Good News Item #1: Revolutionary, Easy-To-Use Plastic Pallet Making System

In 2009 Wilmington Machinery developed its new LUMINA PALLET system. This innovative process encompasses plastic pallet manufacturing from pellets to pallets. Of key importance, design features of the equipment require dramatically less floor space. Visit Booth S36054 to view the production cell in a fully automated operation and learn how you can benefit from the growing and profitable plastic pallet business.

Plastic pallets are growing globally in popularity due to their cleanliness, a shortage of available wood and the opportunity to use 100% recycled materials. Because of their nearly limitless shape possibilities, plastic pallets can be designed to function and perform in superior ways compared to wooden pallets. Today many companies want to make their own pallets and Wilmington Machinery has made that easy.

Good News Item #2: Small Bottle System Now With Dual Parisons

The proven performance of Wilmington Machinery’s SB (Small Bottle) system now features dual parisons, making the system more cost effective! Visit Booth S36054 and watch a video of this impressive system producing bottles at Wilmington’s plant in North Carolina. Plus, ask about Wilmington Machinery’s new Series V (Large Bottle) machines with recently updated features designed to help blow molders reduce cost even further. Learn details of some of the successful multi-layer applications for the Series V machine from the Wilmington machinery staff at NPE 2009.

Wilmington Machinery’s latest SB system features a 50 cavity, 6 layer HDPE coextrusion system capable of more than 2000 lbs. per hour and 18,000 bottles per hour depending upon the size. It is supplied with multiple sets of molds, bottle conveying and trimming. This breakthrough in technology for small bottle blow molders is achieved by a combination of proprietary developments in mold design, bottle handling, high speed parison extrusion methods and processing.

Good News Item #3: Custom Proprietary Systems-Building Capabilities Bring Unique Marketplace Applications To Life

Wilmington Machinery continues to develop unique proprietary machines for new applications. Can’t find the right machine to do your job? Wilmington Machinery experience might be just what you need to separate your company from the competition. Wilmington Machinery’s approach allows you to own your own unique technology and gives you all exclusive rights to the new process. That is a significant competitive advantage!

Wilmington Machinery understands your needs and how to define, create specifications, design, build, validate, train and document. This approach has proven highly successful in building, thermoforming, extrusion, injection, blow molding and hybrid type proprietary systems. Visit Booth S36054 to discover how Wilmington Machinery has, for more than forty years, helped diverse customers with proprietary machinery needs.

Good News Item #4: Continuous Improvements In Structural Foam Systems

The Wilmington Machinery LUMINA line has been significantly improved with a simplified nozzle / manifolding system, streamlined independent sequence nozzle control, larger platens and electric extruder drives. In fact, LUMINA systems are currently available for immediate shipping. Visit Booth S36054 to ask for details.

Wilmington Machinery is a recognized leader in the manufacture of structural foam injection molding machinery for the production of structural plastic parts up to 300 lbs. and 10 ft. in length. Wilmington Machinery’s unique Versafil sequential injection system allows precise molding of multiple yet completely different parts at the same time and true independent nozzle control.

Important product line attributes for the LUMINA include:

  • Two-stage extrusion/injection
  • Sequential injection
  • Multi-nozzle injection with modular manifolds
  • Independent nozzle control